A Look At Antergos | Arch Linux made Easy

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39 thoughts on “A Look At Antergos | Arch Linux made Easy

  1. I've been running Arch Linux for 5 years and it's been great. BTW, aur doesn't always build from source. Sometimes it opens up a DEB and installs that, as it is doing in this video 23:44 It does the same with Chrome. Building Chrome takes many hours.

  2. joe try manjharo 17.1.5 its awesome runs solid try gnome version if you can run wayland otherwise install xfce or cinnamon version and then install gnome . manjaro lools awesome with gnome

  3. have loved most of this distro but looks like go back to Ubuntu based. This has programs I want but the HP Laser printer wont install. Tried all the things I have found to no avail. Printer install shouldnt be this hard. Ubuntu just add printer done. this server error, cups forbidden. after 6 hours trying fixes ready to give up and go back to ubuntu

  4. I will try arch linux for sure. I have washed my hand with UboonToo. I installed 17.10 GNome on a 4 year old hardware desktop and crashed couple of times seen blue screen memory dump also. Seems like it is worst than windows 7 which I use. Never seen blue screen on Windows 7.0 after installing. saying that I am swaping the windows SSD and back to bill gates.

  5. I can relate to you, got fed up trying to install DE for Arch and configuring the .xiniitrc to execute i3, trying twm, trying startxfce4 ………. after that reading Xorg.0.log files and grepping EE, grepping WW and then searching the ungrateful Arch Linux forums for solutions where they would just point to the Arch Wiki without even a simple explanation or help. I don't hate them but be a little more helpful, atleast in the newbie section for godsake.

    Finally decided to install Arch with pre-configured DE = Antergos

  6. Downloaded Antergos both directly and via torrent. The direct would not boot saying "linux kernel not found". The torrent boots to a terminal which asks for a login but what do I enter for user and p/w? I tried "guest" and "guest" to no avail. In the splash menu there are only "boot from hard drive" and "boot live". There is no option to go directly to install.

    What did I do wrong?

  7. Joe. I cannot get Antergos on the Cinnamin desktop to run in Virtual Box. Always hangs in the black boot screen at "Reached Target Graphical Interface", And goes no further. There is little discusson on this problem, and no definative resolution. I have never had any problem getting anything to run in Virtual Box until now.. Any ideas?

  8. Antergos sucks because of its heavy branding on top of arch. I hate how the installer automatically "ranks" the mirrors in the mirrorlist, but always ends up choosing the slowest mirror. Also, half the time the mirror appear down when using the cnchi installer.

  9. Honestly the way I always installed software on Antergos was by command line with usually a small research done beforehand. You just taught me how to use the GUI in here, thank you

  10. Very good video; informative introduction to the system and its roots. Thumbs up.
    Posting from Antergos XFCE right now after watching your video (and a few others) 😉

    Take care and keep uploading vids.

  11. Microsoft's security and update idiocy has me looking at Linux again. I ran several distros about 10 years ago, bought a new laptop with Windows and just stuck with it since. It's time to dip my toe again. This video really helped. I'm looking STRONGLY at Arch/Antergos to run dual boot with Windows for now. Thanks for this. I subscribed.

  12. looks interesting at the very least but the complete deal breaker for me is the "pacman" package managers i find it to be much to different from the "apt-get" stand-by whenever im going to install something on the system i always catch myself attempting to use "apt-get" and on arch for whatever reason this does nothing of course might there be anyone out there that can tell me how i can install "apt-get" and remove this annoyance of a feature called "pacman" I mean im all for upgrading to better things but you just dont fix what aint broke and to me changing a simple command like this certainly falls into that category this flavor of linux might be the final home for my pc but sadly this is a complete deal breaker for me and i know how silly that sounds but it seems to me an end user that learning use of linux is difficult enough without having to learn flavor specific syntax for commands already covered better elsewhere

  13. I think anybody with half a brain is capable of following step-by-step instructions, it doesn't mean you understand what is actually happening as you copypaste a bunch of commands from someone else's tutorial.

  14. I've tried Antergos 17.4, and it really is very bad distro, too slow. At
    the moment I use Linux Lite, which works very fast or MX linux, the
    latter has some things to solve so, for now, I stay in Linux Lite

  15. i tried mint , ubuntu, fedora, opensuse, netrunner, manjaro but i never satisfies. i always end up installing antergos kde as my final choice.
    the only distro which gives me what i exactly want with cutting edge.

  16. Hello 🙂 My PC 4GB ram intel i3 1.70 ghz. What linux version you recomend to use? I only use PC for movie,music,chat with friends on facebook. and explore internet youtube and read news. I dont like windows 10 🙁 auto updates and not change to off.. I want switch to Linux

  17. i love AUR people like latest and alots new stuff.after 1 week i had 800+ backdoors when pople installed my packs lol and they propably not have any clue when pack is for hackers lol . i use debian HAHA

  18. what you did just say? install latest ubuntu and then update it take hours? LOL when you install it download every latest updates(disable updates) ubuntu never updates you have working ubuntu for years yes it works you not need newest nano text editor every week +1000 other small apps update. you sure not need update base system.your system allready work. dont let others tell your system need update?!?.
     you just enable AUR if you need something from there even take 1minute that is 1 minute more LOL have good fun install apps that other hackers do LOL. would be fun if your system not crash when install who did some sunday users that know anything

  19. and arch linux based on? yes you better install that LOL or just install debian that 99.9% based LOL you can install everything same you have on screen. omg every distro!! they all same. distros not make programs. they just distribute it. yes bugs lol yes AUR sunday hackers can upload anything there and you install them

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