Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Airbrushing Tutorial

Leave a Comment let me know how I did, Thanks. This is a simple tutorial on how to edit your pictures and get that pro magazine smooth skin effect, at the start of the video my desktop icons in my rocket dock dont show on my desktop, why i dont know but i thought i’d clear that up to save any quetions. Enjoy.

Advanced version of this tutorial:

33 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Airbrushing Tutorial

  1. That's actually the way I go about doing it in the advanced tutorial I'm uploading soon, I also create a new mask and add some desaturated noise to bring some texture & shadow back.

  2. Thanks for the comment xP … Double check that you duplicated your original image, you should have 2 layers, the original layer and the duplicated one which we made blurry. Make sure you have the blurred layer selected when erasing also… If you did duplicate both layers make sure they're both visible, the eyeball to the left of the layers shows they are visible, if the eyeballs not there on one off the layers then click where it should be and it will become visible. Many Thanks πŸ˜›

  3. Great tutorial! I know I am doing something silly but when I select the Eraser tool to go over features, it is just rubbing the image itself out so all I get is the checked blank page underneath- must be something really obvious I am doing wrong- can you help? Thanks

  4. WOW… 3 years of taking Graphics Design classes and learn NOTHING.. and by watching a 6min video.. i jus learned the basics! awesome! thanks!

  5. Instead of using the ratio's I put in when blurring the image take your time to play around with them yourself, you may not be able to get rid of all the wear on the face but if you blur the image more than I did they might not be so noticeable. Thanks for your comment. Hope this helps.

  6. i must have done it wrong cause it didnt work for me at all nothing looked like it changed.The only thing that i noticed that was gone would be a freckle but not little bump or lines on the face. is this the wrong thing for wanting those things gone?

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