Adobe Photoshop CS5 – How To Remove The Background Of An Image.

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In this tutorial I will be showing you how to remove the background of an image to leave you with the foreground as an individual layer. Once again sorry if the tutorial was bit rushed and hard to understand at times, I’m trying to complete and upload two tutorials today before I go out. Thanks.

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37 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop CS5 – How To Remove The Background Of An Image.

  1. Good stuff. I ran a parallel image, back and forth between mine and yours. It all worked fine until the final steps when I double clicked the background image and instead of the background having the grid, it was the person whose image I was trying to isolate. Have not yet found the answer.

  2. Hi;
    Thank you so much for your tutorial vids. I really can connect with you and understand you easily over many others. I am new to PS and I need you to help me on how to remove an embedded text on an image and I hope that I can send you the image, but don't know how to get it to you. I am working on my new website and some of the images that I want to use have text on them.

  3. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. I have been trying to learn this for years and all other videos I have seen were so confusing and haven't worked, but your one worked like magic. thank you sooo much for sharing. Keep it up

  4. I watched this video and I'm afraid you're doing the same as so many other so called tutorials, you remove the item from a comfortable all white even background, which is easy to do and not much will go wrong with your "tutorial".Now show us how you do the same project from a background with different sections of colours.

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