Ardour – Music Editing in Linux – Part #1

Record and Mix Instrument tracks for FREE in Linux with Open-Source Ardour.

36 thoughts on “Ardour – Music Editing in Linux – Part #1

  1. just migrated to ardour from EnergyXT (it wasn't really moving… no continuation of support etc…) and it's a bit of learning curve, but I am very excited about getting this beast understood

  2. I'm looking for live instruments and or vocals mixing and editing all I find is bunch of noise tracks and duplicated and reversed to make more noise.I guess i got to look for mixing and editing multitrack orchestra and choir tutorials. Thanks for your efforts.

  3. how do you import instrumentals on this program ? cause i cannot import instrumentals,i am a singer,and i want to import instrumentals not just recordings…i need a instrumental to record with..

  4. I've just switched to linux from windows and am very confused as to how JACK works. I have a huge collection of VST plugins is it possible to use these with linux?

  5. Valid point is what interface can I use? I have a line6 toneport and for a year almost I cannot record at all because no plug and you will deff fry you're sound card if you try to use it as an interface. I have a question how can I find another audio interface like Line6toneport???

  6. this is going to sound stupid BUT. how on earth are you recording your audio?

    Ardour looks so prowerfull but because i cant put something as simple as an External Soundcard to it its pointless to me. any advice

  7. If you select all 4 channels in the export window it will "mono" the the export – i suggest to leave Left Master ticked for the LEFT and right master ticked for the RIGHT – this way you will get the nice and crispy stereo sound as intended in the export file.

  8. Better than Pro Tools!! Thank you for making this video! I'm a new convert to Linux, but I was really worried I would not find a DAW better than PT…version 7.4 that is. Well, this blows that out of the water to say the least…and as others here have stated: You just can't beat the price! ;-D

  9. for some reason, my volume on my tacks dont work, but when i listen to them out sifde of the program, they work, and my tracks will only work if they are converted down to wav. do you know what i can do to fix this?

  10. @MrAlexanderHoff: Yeah, I made this video a long time ago. I think some one else might have told me. Without looking, I bet it happened when I went to export the audio. I now use Jack to record my audio on my videos as well. It makes things a lot easier and avoids problems like that. It also allows me to record the audio output of other programs using Jack, which is nice.

    Again, thanks for letting me know and thanks for watching.

  11. @soundscience1985: Actually, I live in the everglade. Smack in the middle of the swamp. But, when I recorded this I lived about 15 mile away, about 1 mile from the beach. It was a bit noisier there 🙂

  12. i bet you live in brooklyn or the bronx or manhattan or queens … i can hear the sirens lol , nothing new to me , but in other parts of america cops dont just drive around with sirens blasting

  13. @mattgeb84: So, when you first start Ardour up and you name the project and click "NEW" it asks you to choose a device? Could you give me more info? What Distro are you running? What version of Ardour are you running? Did you install it using you Package manager? Any info would be useful.

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