Backup like a boss with OneDrive on Windows 10

Today we look at how you can easily back up and restore files using OneDrive integrated into windows 10.

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19 thoughts on “Backup like a boss with OneDrive on Windows 10

  1. OK: Onedrive isn't integrated into Windows 10 as it can be uninstalled. As for one of the best! if you need to do a mass restore of an older version due to a cryptolocker then you can only do one at a time. Not so good if 1000's of small office files got encrypted.

  2. You talk way too fast for newbies to be able to follow what you are doing. By the time we have found the various icons and tabs you have already moved on. Informative but to quick.

  3. i did this for a long time ago… what if someone hacks your email and delete all your files… it will be deleted on your harddisk too!… and will find them in recycle bin… on your pc…

  4. Remember, while OneDrive is very good for cloud file storage, it is NOT A BACKUP, it provides for synchronization between files stored on your local machine and the cloud.   It's good in the event of a drive failure but not if you are trying to recover a file mistakenly deleted 6 months ago.

  5. OneDrive has been pretty handy for me, I use a Windows 10 phone for Work and it's always good to have all of my documents in sync as well as my 120gb Music library in Sync as OneDrive makes them streamable through the Grove Music app on the phone.

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