Basic Linux Terminal Commands!

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This video shows you how to use some of the basic linux terminal commands.

33 thoughts on “Basic Linux Terminal Commands!

  1. Hello you call me AJ I just want to say that it is a very interesting program to learn.  I have heard so much about Linux, but I never learn it or use it.  Now that I am in school call Everest in Detroit, MI.  I am learning it now and I see that it is a great operating system to learn

  2. I bet you are master at the complicated usage of facebook … If it exists and so many people use it, don't you think that it might have some purpose ? Don't say something is useless just because you can't use it.

  3. Probably the name is with Capital d "D", and it doesn´t reconize because you are typing it lowercase. Try doing this: cd D (And then press TAB) this will autocomplete with the name of the folder

  4. How many tries did it take for you to get this right? With my windows cmd it took me like 30! XD Anyway great video. Really helpful for an advanced windows user, but a newb linux user 😉

  5. @analyzingfunny "tar xvf NameOfTar.tar" – This uncompresses the tar file, you then have to go to the folder created and read the readme (or any other) installation instructions.

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