Bionicle: The Masks of Power =Patch 1.3.6=

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4k if you can please!
No Linux or Mac Versions for this one Unfortunately

A new patch with a quite bit of new content! This patch starts the line of “Legacy” Updates, while the rest of the team works on 2.0
I will be working on updates to the current game.

(Most of the known bugs have been fixed but still, report any bugs you find.)

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40 thoughts on “Bionicle: The Masks of Power =Patch 1.3.6=

  1. is the place with the tube entrance at 2:00 supposed to be impossible to see in? i found it and could not see anything inside of it. just wondering. EDIT: i went in during daytime and everything was visible

    and also does the mask of night vision work? i don't want to know were it is though.

  2. Please make a Mac update.

    I also have question/ complaint: when first downloaded and played the game for the first time, the graphics were good, but when I updated my Mac to the lastest IOS (High Sierra), the graphics suffered even when i downloaded the last update (v1.3.5), the graphic still looked chopped up. Any answers?

    P.S. I still love this game 🙂

  3. Would you also be interested in making an alternate texture pack after you complete the main game? one that gives the island locations, creatures and characters a more realistic look?

  4. I just got the game today, and its so cool, you are doing a great job keep up the good work.
    And then the first day i get it i already break it… don't go through the "LOADING…" type of doors with the hau activated. and also…(Minor spoilers below)

    If you save with yourself in the room where you find the kakama, you will get trapped inside because it does not save that you have opened the locks. I know its a work in progress but i still thought i should tell you

    also when are you going to make quests save and load properly? I have had some problems with this. I'm also going to translate all the stuff in the matoran alphabet cause i have no life 😛

  5. When the story aspect is added, do you plan on adding cutscenes and/or spoken dialogue? Or is dialogue gonna be kept to text like mnog?

    And if there is gonna be spoken dialogue, would you be taking volunteers for voice actor's?

  6. Do you think it would it be possible to add a leveling up system to the game? where once you reach certain high ranking your Toa would gain a golden mask, and then later be able to transform into a Toa Nuva? let me know what you think.

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