broken packages ubuntu 11.04 natty

some time when you install a app,you may get an error saying not all packages were installed,for that open up your synaptic go to custom filters,click on broken to see what is giving you the problem.and remove it and re-install the app.

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  1. I just found your video because I was going to the wrong filter menu and wasn't able to get it to filter properly, so this did help me find my 3 broken packages but when I mark them all for reinstall an hit apply I get the following errors, "E: Internal Error, No file name for libcurl3:i386" I'm running the latest version of CrunchBang (#!) and have asked for help in the CrunchBang IRC channel. They're helping me but I have yet to find a solution. Any suggestions?

  2. I removed the package and reinstalled and all my menu's showed up. Linux is probably the most frustrating os I have ever had to deal with because most people explaining things leave out a ton of information that new people need to know in order to actually get something installed.

  3. Hi, I am currently trying to install my proprietary graphics driver for my video card. I am about half way through the install and it is telling me to open my synaptic package manager and go to the edit>fix broken packages option. I cannot for the life of me find the edit option. Please help, I am a complete nub at ubuntu and really want to learn how to use this os.

  4. @blackoutworm hey dude sorry for not getting back to sooner,I was going to try that trick with the Control folder. So i re-added the ppa, updated and installed gimp2.7 and it gave me an error like before,I ran sudo apt-get -f install, and it fixed the problem this time around,the last time i ran that command a few week's back on my old dell it ended up removing gimp,but this time It did not. kinda I hope to get an error soon to try out that trick or just install somthing with the dpkg-b

  5. @newuserpointofview lol i know ppa's are good and bad,,most of the time i have had good luck with ppa's all but openshot with kdenlive, back when i was using 9.04 I did have problems with VLC with a ppa,I have copied over programs files over to root,but im going to try messing with the control file..

  6. @blackoutworm lol its not complicated,that last time i did some thing like that was when I was trying to install some game called gridwars,I had to copy all the files over to root,but this was like 2 years ago. but sense Gimp 2.7 is not ready yet I did not want to take it any further in the video.

  7. @MrMassivemanmeat I know it sounds a bit complicated, but since synaptic only recognize deb packages, it's really the only way around.
    What I explain is basically how you change and rebuild a deb package.
    Without the depended packages you remove from the control file, the edited package stands alone and can therefore give trouble for other packages that are installed.

  8. @MrMassivemanmeat Okay, Download the packages, extract it and delete the original deb.
    Now you'll have at least 2 folders inside the extracted package. In the DEBIAN folder you'll have the configuration files for the deb package.
    Open the file called Control. Where you see it says Depends, erase all the package names, and save the file.
    Now open up a terminal and navigate to where you extracted the package, and type in dpkg -b foldername
    This will rebuild the deb file without the dependencies.

  9. @blackoutworm Ive tried re-installing the plugins with package manager and it was a no go,I have done stuff like that in the past,I dont think the package manager would be able to keep track of stuff that you copied over to root.Ill give it a try again latter on.

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