Linux Tutorial:: Add Timestamp to Terminal | View Command Execution (History) Time

Linux Tutorial: Add Timestamp to Terminal and View Command Execution (History) Time. Commands Used: ———————————————————- 1. Open ~/.bashrc and add the following: export HISTTIMEFORMAT=”%d/%m/%y %T ” $ source .bashrc $ history 2. Open ~/.bashrc and add the following: export PROMPT_COMMAND=”echo -n [$(date +%H:%M:%S:%3N)] ” $ source .bashrc —————————— Website: Twitter:…

Did you know you can burn Linux bootable images from GNOME Disks?

Just a few things I get comments about, in a very very long video ..because I was lazy (aka in hurry) to make it shorter! 0:00 – How to burn bootable images 1:12 – How to move windows from anywhere 1:40 – How to change default GNOME Files locations (thats a bit bugged, play with […]

Wifi Password Hack-Part 1 using Kali Linux ✔

Please Note that The vedio Is Only for EducaTION Purpose Only…….Enjoy 1.Kali Linux operating system 2.password Wordlist (that you will get from internet i m using rockyou.txt wordlist for password attack this file contain more then 1 billion passwords list i have rockyou.txt ) 3.need two terminal for one for scanning and other attacking like […]