Chrome Running Slow on Windows 7 Solution and Fix

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Are you using Google Chrome browser and you are facing slow internet issues, then this video tutorial will definitely help you.
Recently Google updated its web browser Chrome to new version and many people who upgraded their web browser, started facing various slowness and performance problems like below:

Chrome is running very slow.
Chrome running slow on windows 7.
Chrome getting slower.
Chrome is very slow.
Google chrome slow to load.
Google chrome not working.
My google chrome is…

35 thoughts on “Chrome Running Slow on Windows 7 Solution and Fix

  1. Thanks bro.. it works to some extent and now more faster. I think Kaspersky is the main culprit in slowing down browsers including chrome. Hope more such amazing tips in future.

  2. Thank you very much for this genuine help of yours. Thank you for sharing your ideas. You are a massive help. Now I can sleep..haayz. so relief!😋😌

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