Clonezilla – Backup Linux/Ubuntu System

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This video demonstrates backing up and restoring a Linux based install, using the free, open source software utility, Clonezilla.

Clonezilla website:

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  1. It is really refreshing to see a decent tutorial when utube is full of junk wasting peoples time. Thanks mate, you did a good job… not too fast and not too slow and with good diction. I especially liked the zooming right in so the audience can actually see the writings. Well done. Only one question as I am just today new to Linux and Clonezilla… I see you launched Clonzilla from Virtual Box (i think) but how do I lauch it. I installed it in my LinuxMate but cant find it anywhere lol. thanks for your video and greetings from Oz.

  2. Hi all,

    So I have Linux Mint with MATE installed. It is the only think installed on my computer right now, because I accidentally deleted my Windows partition during the Linux installation. I have settled into Linux, but would like to dual boot Windows alongside my Linux partition. Taking account of how my Windows partition got completely wiped out (even the recovery), I would like to back up my system ENTIRELY, in the event that Windows somehow messes it up when I reinstall. Specifically, I want to have the ability to take an image of my system, and be able to (in the event of a catastrophe) reinstall Mint MATE, and basically flash the system image completely. Everything from files to system settings, themes, applications, etc. I would like to be able to restore and the restoration to be identical to my current system down to the last byte. My question is: does clonezilla have this capability? I watched the entire video, but wanted to make sure before I do anything. He only backs up certain things, whereas I want an actual clone of my system that I can restore from a clean install. Thanks for any help that you can give! +midfingr

  3. can you give a rough guide of how big to make the backup partition. Say I only want to back up my root /  and it's nearly 6Gb in size  I know clonezilla compresses so I guess if I use a 6gb partition that will be easily big enough?

  4. Thank You for the video +midfingr . 

    I am new to Linux . I have recently installed Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon.  
    I have couple of questions to ask. 

    1. Will clonezilla  backup my installed applications the way they are now?? What I mean is will it backup the configurations and settings that I changed / modified ??

    2. I made 4 partitions while installing Linux Mint. boot, root, home, swap. Should I backup all the four partitions ?? 

    3. You booted into the Clonezilla Live CD from the OS itself !! Is it safe to do so ??

    4. I have installed Linux Mint 17 alongside Windows 8.1 in a Single Hard Disk Drive. Can I backup on a NTFS partition ?? I don't have an External Drive to make the backup. 

    I hope you can help me . 

    Thank You again. 

  5. I put my problem in their site , i can't find any help until now , anyway there is a strange thing today i removed Lubuntu 13.04 and installed elementary OS then i make a full backup and it works like charm *_* is that mean maybe a problem with Lubuntu o-O
    i did the same steps exactly

  6. Hi midfingr , yesterday i installed Lubuntu 13.04 , and i format the externel HDD to NTFS , now i tried many times to use clonezilla to use the full hard drive backup! but i can't because of this message : "we need memory 3456716 bytes , image head 4160, bitmap 3448456, crc 4100 bytes , calculating bitmap..please wait..extfsclone.c:bitmap free count err, free:25457320 ? any idea ! i tried to "to use the full hard drive backup" and "save partition as image" same error

  7. Thank you midfingr for the quick response I appreciate the help.
    Now i will make another backup 🙂 BTW your channel is good i learn many things that i don't know. keep up the good work My pleasure.

  8. Hello,
    So you want to format the external drive, but copy your first backup to a USB before formatting? If so, yes. Although you can have backup 1 2 3 , etc on the same external — if you have enough room or you don't need to format.

  9. another question plz : should i format the external hard drive that i want to save a backup on it ? or i can make another backup on it and it will save it as backup 2 for example beside the first one !! if format is important then can i copy the first backup to my 8GB USB flash for example , i hope u understand me 🙂

  10. Hi,
    Yes. You can backup to NTFS, external. The partition method is primarily used for a quick backup/restore of partitions; probably wouldn't survive a format.

    Better to use the full hard drive backup and restore to/from the external hard drive if needed.

  11. hi midfingr , can i backup the ubuntu ( / ) and (/home) to an externel hard driver – NTFS ?
    also what is the differnet if i make a backup for the whole harddrive on for disk partition ?
    what if somthing damage to the hard drive , what is the way to backup the whole harddrive to an externel harddrive , thank you

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