DIVERSITY Timelapse Photoshop by Nan Lawson | Art Attack

Artist Nan Lawson tackles the theme of “DIVERSITY” in today’s Art Attack! Featuring our first ever digital illustration in Adobe Photoshop. Find out more about Nan Lawson at: http://www.nanlawson.com

Best Paper Airplane Ever by Lullatone

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36 thoughts on “DIVERSITY Timelapse Photoshop by Nan Lawson | Art Attack

  1. It's called a graphics tablet and the price varies a lot but I tend to see them in the $50-$800 range depending on the brand/type/size. I'd really recommend getting one if they interest you, they're a very intuitive alternative to a mouse so they make good use outside of drawing as well.

  2. To me, diversity is less about race and more about people with different cultural backrounds, or people who think in a different way than others. This could just be an artistic person and a mathmatic person. The way people think is whats really important. I dont think race is important, it doesnt define a person

  3. @soulpancake As an artist myself, I greatly enjoy these time-lapse videos, and seeing how these artists go about their works. They make me want to paint and create, and express myself further, and make my mark on the world.

    I was wondering, do you plan to look at emerging artists like myself? I can record a time lapse video myself on my camera of me painting or creating something regarding a topic or theme. I'd love to be able to share my work with you and everyone here.

  4. @soulpancake, thanks for such a wonderful channel. It's channels like this that give me hope and feel positive about us humans. Soul Pancake, to me is a great showcase of the goodness in people, in what we can achieve, what we can express, and helps me to step away from the commotion of the world, and just enjoy videos with a very human touch about them.

    Thanks from Louis Bullock, an emerging Australian artist.

  5. Oh, ok ! Thank you for the answer ! It's probably not something for me yet, because it already took me a while to get used to gimp and I'm still at the beginning. Thanks for the information! 🙂

  6. Does somebody know how difficult/easy it is to draw on such a pad ? Because I can't draw at all with my mouse in a program and I don't know if such a thing could really help me …

  7. …that's not quite what i meant. i meant representation as an art form (as opposed to abstraction or conceptual art etc.)
    you make a good point, but that wasn't what i was asking.

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