EB’s FIX Guide For Linux LITE v4 0 or any Ubuntu 18 04 based Distro

Hi all simple guide on how to Fix/Tune any Ubuntu based 18.04 distro and make it run like Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes F1 car. Just follow the steps below and your done.

Speeding up your Linux Lite 4.0

1. Install Preload

sudo apt-get install preload – Reboot

2.Choose Best Mirror for Updates

3.Use apt-fast instead of apt-get for a speedy update

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apt-fast/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apt-fast

4. Surpress Languages

sudo gedit…

19 thoughts on “EB’s FIX Guide For Linux LITE v4 0 or any Ubuntu 18 04 based Distro

  1. You saw the configuration, I'm experiencing problems with the GTК2 theme, I managed to break the core with the budgie method of complex hacks and put a free core from the peppermint. Bad idea snapd . Лучше бы они работали над flatpak чем над snapd terminal:apt purge snapd

  2. See I told you lol..I told him 🙂 18.04 takes a little work..I'm going to do a full video because this really is pants..This is not Arch or Debian..All of this should have been sorted..So why do Mac and Windows users get scared. It's because of this..I know all of this shit but they don't and now I'm getting angry..Actually it's GDs tips yup

  3. …except for the fact this doesn't apply to Feren OS (partly), because guess what Feren OS has out of the box? Oh yes…
    The Graphics Drivers PPA, right from the moment OMG! Ubuntu mentioned the PPA.

    Like, seriously though, why haven't other derivatives added this PPA out of the box already?

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