Gender Inequality

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20 thoughts on “Gender Inequality

  1. In America…….The boat is sinking women and children first! It is still mostly men who are fighting and dying on the front lines. Women can hit men and not get arrested. Women can send a man to prison on their word alone. Women can kill babies it is called a fetus when they kill a baby, but if a man kills a pregnant woman he has murdered a mother and her child. Woman kills man claims temporary insanity due to her PMS and wins. Female school teachers sleep with male student and get probation or tiny sentences male teachers do the same thing and get 20 yrs. Divorce court is completely biased against the man. Baby boxes its ok for a woman to deny her child financial support and excuse herself from all responsibility but a dead beat dad must go to prison. We keep giving women more and more advantages then men and you have always had some. Its still not enough is it? Maybe we are just smarter and stronger we do not need any special laws to thrive on this planet. Like most liberal propaganda It is exactly opposite the truth men are the oppressed ones. Eventually you will push us to far and we will put the pants back on and level the playing field back out. I say bring back the rule of thumb problem solved 🙂
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    2 years ago

  2. This video is shit , it all about women , when a boy gets abused by any elder lady people don't stand up to him but when a girl is being abused people start hitting the guy , Maria A don't tell us the problems instead tell us the solutions ,The gender equality system is broken when a girl hits u other people laugh at u but when u hit a girl people be like 'You coward picking on females' when I get slapped twice I punch them if they cannot control themselves then why should men do?

  3. My experience with 'gender equality' in the West over the last three decades pretty much goes like this: 1) Give preferential hiring to women while dismissing highly qualified and capable Men. 2) Kneecap Men in the education system and poor a massively disproportionate amount of money and resources into what women 'need'. 3) Lower standards across the board for women while holding Men to a much more rigorous and higher standard. That's it! Mike drop. When the subject of 'gender equality' ever comes up it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS about women. Women in the Western democracies are turning their backs on feminism because they are starting to see this.

  4. I definitely like the message this video is sharing. But I think it's important to acknowledge that women have the right to not have children if they don't want to. The video mentions these girls should be able to have children when they're ready to, not by force. This I agree with. But I think it's also important to acknowledge that they shouldn't be forced to either. Women have the right to decide for themselves if they want to have kids. Society shouldn't make it seem like women HAVE to. It's up to the lady and her significant other. Just a thought. But regardless, an excellent video with an overall great message. 👍🏼

  5. Seem more like you want a world full of girls after you said "after generation"!
    And also seem like you want wayyyy more for her than just making a living after you said " now she is calling the shots"?!!?
    Want her to take over the world and become evil or not living In poverty and having her live a great life!??!

  6. Bull…shit… Eh, american women can't really complain!
    Let them take care of it! Men has to do more work, men has to do more of the running, men has to carry the last name!
    Otherwise a man who takes his wife's last name is the woman! Ahahahahahahaha!
    But oh well!

  7. Women usually have to undergo various levels of discrimination at work. It may be the 21st century, but women are still under this cloud that labels them as less capable than men.
    With such a background it is surprising that a higher number of women have come to the forefront as high ranking officers in many industries nowadays. However, gender inequality still has a long way to go. Hopefully, our daughters would find a world better welcoming than ours.

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