GRUB Rescue – Complete Install/Re-install of GRUB from Live (CD/USB) – Kali Linux

This video tutorial will show you how you can use an Kali LiveCD / USB Drive to reinstall GRUB, even when your boot device is inaccessible, sometimes damaged by windows installations, or other OS’s
Commands used in this video:

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22 thoughts on “GRUB Rescue – Complete Install/Re-install of GRUB from Live (CD/USB) – Kali Linux

  1. Dio bom dia é o seguinte eu tinha o ubunto em um notebook, porem retirei o hd e formatei pelo pc putzz começou o meu inferno, antes entrava no setup e agora não entra mesmo aparecendo la embaixo as teclas f2 f4, nao entra,

    agora qndo ligo o note aparece uma tel preta

    tipo assim:

    minimal bash – like line editing is suported
    for the first word, tab list possible command completions
    anywere else

    GRUB> e agora o que eu posso fazer para conseguir reinstalar o win7 de novo mto obrigado
    parabens pelo canal

  2. Thanks for all the help! It works perfectly for me. The only thing I have to do is add the "–target=i386-pc" param to the grub-install as i am using the Chakra Euler Live CD Distro (where the default value is "–target=x86_64-efi").

  3. me too the same case on windows 8.1 pro. Everything goes fine, but only that last part where the grub boot loader fails to install. Then it says : Kali Linux could not detect any other Operating System In the computer. Then Finishes installation. After which it only boots into The Windows. The drive(Where Kali Linux is installed) when accessed through windows 8.1,it prompts for formatting. What should i do to have the grub boot loader show up….

  4. This is good except that it tells me no volume groups are found when I try to grub-mkconfig so i'm just completely fucked it's been hours i've been working on my broken Kali because I installed some BS libraries that destroyed my locales and I'm in computer hell AGAIN

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