Here’s What Windows 10 Looks and Feels Like

We tried out the new Windows 10 Preview so you wouldn’t have to.

Check out the new features here:

If you want to try it out for yourself, here’s our installation guide:

Music by Eric Skiff:

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20 thoughts on “Here’s What Windows 10 Looks and Feels Like

  1. You can prop it up with little perfume voiced little girls like Lifehacker all you want but what it still come down to the fact That Windows 10 sucks.

  2. I am still using Vista (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know) and does anyone with a bit of taste think that Windows 10 looks better than Vista (or than Windows 7, for that matter)? Surely not.

    All those squares and sharp corners and that… "flatness". Windows 10 looks godawful. Horrible that soon I'll have to work in Windows 10 at work every day.

  3. for some reason, my computer is automatically upgrading to windows 10. I did not decide this. I am fine with it, though, but will it delete my things off of my computer? (it's upgrading now, and it happened suddenly, so I want to know if it will)

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