How I Edit My YouTube Images! (Photoshop)

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A tutorial on how I create my thumbnail images in Adobe Photoshop!

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How I Edit My YouTube Videos! –

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49 thoughts on “How I Edit My YouTube Images! (Photoshop)

  1. In your experience, what would be your preference for college. The 13" or 15" Macbook Pro. Power wouldnt matter because of egpu. All that matters is the portability to screen size ratio and how much you enjoy taking it on the go.

  2. Hey Justin! I'm a beginner on YouTube looking for a software to improve my thumbnails, but I don't want to spend a monthly subscription to a service such as Photoshop. Have you ever tried Affinity Photo for the Mac? Do you think it's a good option compared to Photoshop? Thanks for your answer! 🙌🏻

  3. Wow very informative video, man! Good job! One question I have is how do you come up with those "fillers" that you place with the products you are reviewing? For example, the symmetry of the Macbook with the Hypebeast magazine, the One Plus with the Macbook and red iPad cover, etc.? Oh and how do you photograph/shoot them? Need to know where you get the table top you place the products on? The gray and white tables are so clean to look at!

  4. Just a photoshop tip instead of Skew the Distort tool in my opinion works much quicker and easier 🙂 just drag each of the 4 corners onto the screen.

  5. Nice video Justin! I have a question! I am working with Photoshop but right now using windows 10 PC. I am thinking about the new macbook pro. Is it enough 13 inch for basic photoshop user? Thanks!

  6. What spec is your macbook pro?
    I am thinking of getting a good windows laptop but don't know what to get. My max price is $1,300 Dollars and this going to be for college. Thanks for you help

  7. You do a really awesome job of keeping things consistent, as a fellow product photographer I know the pain and struggle of keeping your over arching identity and content consistent, especially when you have a super amateur lighting and backdrop set up like me

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