How to fix Photoshop “DynamicLink Media Server is not available” error (ESET)

Error message shown while trying to open an .MOV video inside Adobe Photoshop: “Could not complete your request because the DynamicLink Media Server is not available.”

Solution: If there is a firewall on your PC than make sure it’s not blocking Photoshop. Photoshop does NOT need an internet connection to open .MOV files! In this case there was probably an incompatibility between ESET’s firewall and Photoshop.

31 thoughts on “How to fix Photoshop “DynamicLink Media Server is not available” error (ESET)

  1. Thank you! It worked. I did it like this:
    1) Disable firewall.
    2) Restart Photoshop (!) (it won't work if you do not restart after disabling the firewall)
    3) Load the file.
    (4) Enable firewall again.)

  2. 1. I don't have a anti-virus on my pc..
    2. I re-install adobe photoshop CS6 extended…
    3. I wait 30 sec before to use photoshop…
    4. I disable my firewall for private and public network…
    5. I go to System and Security > Windows Firewall > Allowed Programs.. i press Change Settings then Allow Another Program…
    i searched Adobe Photoshop CS6… i press Add.. then i check Home/Work ( Private ) and Public box… after all of this i press ok… STILL DON'T WORK! -.-

    6. I restart my pc..

  3. Doesn't work. The firewall has nothing to do with it. It worked for him because it sometimes does work after you close the program and restart it. That's what I used to have to do when CC wouldn't open a .mov file. But now I get the error every time, and restarting the program does not help.

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