How to Fix WiFi Problems on Windows 10

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How to Fix WiFi Problems on Windows 10

These are just some tips on troubleshooting WiFi issues in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. this could be not being able to connect to WiFi. Whether you WiFi has stop working after Windows Update, these step by step will repair your WiFi problem.

1. Run Network Adapter troubleshooter Settings/Update & security/Troubleshoot/Network Adapter/Troubleshooter

2. Reset a Wi-Fi adapter Settings/Network & Internet/Status/Network reset

3. Update a Wi-Fi adapter…

18 thoughts on “How to Fix WiFi Problems on Windows 10

  1. I have an interesting problem with my mothers laptop WiFi . She’s using a external monitor. So I have set the correct settings in power management to not power down the WiFi device or the system when the laptop lid is closed. I even went to device manager and checked the power management settings on the devices and all looks good. But when the laptop is closed the WiFi stops working. The rest of the computer is fine. Even Ethernet works fine. But here’s the crazy twist. When the laptop is plugged in upstairs and the lid is closed it works fine, but when plugged in downstairs it starts acting like this. We moved the router up and down and it made no difference.. it’s definitely one for the books.. Idid try different WiFi connection types and even WEP for kicks and giggles, but still the same behavior.

  2. My system is not configuring on static IP, when I enable dhcp then it works fine.. Why is it so ?? Previously I used to run on static IP.. Any help appreciated πŸ™‚

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