How to install a .tar.gz program in Ubuntu

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Today I’m going to explain how to compile a program in Ubuntu. Sometimes you find some software in Linux that looks awesome and you want to try it only to find out that you have to compile it and you don’t know how.

While all software compilation processes can be a little different the steps you should take to install the software should be pretty much the same and that process is what I aim to explain with…

28 thoughts on “How to install a .tar.gz program in Ubuntu

  1. This is EXACTLY why Linux sucks. It´s ALWAYS something in the way.. Always, like oh hey wait "Lets use our intelligence and extract this, write something cryptical in a terminal window, download a-n-o-t-h-e-r file, reading another forum, and inevitably getting further and further from the subject and idea about what one was up to from the start (actually using the computer).

  2. was hoping this would make it clear, but, dude, you just confused me more.I'm trying to install firefox v 56 because 57 sucks, there is no reme file in the tar extract for it.

  3. Great explanation. One question I have is, I am using Ubuntu (well Xubuntu actually – would love to switch to Mint, but don't want to overhaul the whole system) and am always told I need to do a "./configure" first. Is this something unique to Ubuntu/Debian? The reason I ask is it looks like you are using Mint, which is based off Ubuntu. Is it needed?

  4. I tried to install gnome disk utility but after the commands it gives me this
    E: Unable to locate package gnome-disk-utility-3.24.1.tar.xz
    E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'gnome-disk-utility-3.24.1.tar.xz'
    E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'gnome-disk-utility-3.24.1.tar.xz'

    Please help, im new to ubuntu

  5. I get lost when you say you are going to use your intelligence (you aren't using intelligence, you are using knowledge of Linux), please do a completely dumbass idiot guide

  6. Quick question whats the desktop you're using in the video, Looks pretty good. I'm making my own Operating System based on Arch Linux. If you could reply as soon as possible that would help. This video was useful thanks for the help, I keep forgetting how to install programs from .tar.gz.

  7. Ya know what, screw all the haters in the comments.
    Even if some .tar.gz files are not all built the same, I give you a massive A+ for the audio quality of your voice explanation right off the bat.
    And you are quite right that ALL TOO MANY people trying to explain things for linux gloss over details that they "expect" you to know.
    Thank you for making this video for us putting in the effort to search for the ways to fix our problems.

  8. I have watched several videos and still cant get my printer driver to install. If You make another video, please use this as an example. If I get one of these to work I might be able to figure it out. I am using Linux Mint Mate 17.3 / Canon Maxify MB 2020 printer

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