How To Install & Run Kali/Ubuntu/Fedora Linux on Android

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This tutorial shows how to install Kali Linux (or any other linux distribution: Ubuntu, Fedora, etc) on your Android device. Root is needed.

Download Linux Deploy:

Download VNC Viewer:

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begin: install
Checking mount points … done
Checking installation path … done

23 thoughts on “How To Install & Run Kali/Ubuntu/Fedora Linux on Android

  1. when i have all done and try to start it happens
    plz help

    [22:19:53] Updating configuration file … done
    [22:19:53] >>> start
    [22:19:53] Mounting partitions:
    [22:19:53] / … done
    [22:19:53] /proc … done
    [22:19:53] /sys … done
    [22:19:53] /sys/fs/selinux … done
    [22:19:53] /dev … done
    [22:19:53] /dev/tty … skip
    [22:19:53] /dev/pts … done
    [22:19:53] /dev/shm … done
    [22:19:53] /dev/net/tun … skip
    [22:19:53] Configuring the container:
    [22:19:53] dns … done
    [22:19:53] mtab … done
    [22:19:53] Starting services:
    [22:19:53] SSH [:22] … fail
    [22:19:53] VNC [:5900] … fail
    [22:19:53] <<< start

  2. I installed the kali distro and it works amazingly! The only question i have is in regards to the toolbar at the top (the one with the keyboard, mouse, etc…) because it's there i cannot ex out of apps (i have to right click the app icon at the bottom and exit). Also because of the toolbar, i cannot minimize a page which is really obnoxious! Does anyone know how to either move the toolbar or how to click underneath the toolbar so i can make the page smaller??

  3. "How To Install & Run" gota love idiots that dont understand whats actually happening..

    your not installing kali, your making a VNC server on your device, to connect to it via localhost..

    this is NOT installing on your device.. yawn

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