How to Install Ubuntu for Phones on the Nexus 4

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Canonical released a public version of the Ubuntu Touch developer preview earlier today. Getting this operating system up and running on the Nexus 4 is both straightforward and rather simple. If you have experience flashing custom ROMs and other mods to your Android devices, this process should give you no problems.


Files you will need:
TWRP for the Nexus 4 —

49 thoughts on “How to Install Ubuntu for Phones on the Nexus 4

  1. Can i install the preview on my htc one x+ or is it nexus only for now? I already rooted my phone and i installed the clock work recovery instead of TWRP. Is it possible to install the ubuntu preview as a bootcamp, so that i can choose what i want to boot when i turn on my device. I don`t really want to vipe android just for playing around with a not yet completed ubuntu.

  2. Jeeeez Talk slower and cant understand and cant even catch up to you, make a tutorial for starters not for experienced users like yourself. you have to understand that there is people who are new to this and you gotta talk slower and explain everything

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