How to rename Cortana in Windows 10

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MyCortana lets you change the Windows 10 default cortana activation hotword “Hey Cortana” to anything you want, anything you can imagine. Change Cortana’s name to anything you like. Listed below are its features:

1. Rename Cortana to anything of your choice
2. Activate the app using voice command: Hey Start Listening
3. Deactivate the app using voice command: Hey Stop Listening
4. Personalize Cortana experience
5. Portable(No…

24 thoughts on “How to rename Cortana in Windows 10

  1. I downloaded it the named it one name and closed it thinking i can open it again but then when i looked for it in my computer i couldn't find it a cant make any names. i also then tried to download it again but each time it didn't open it so its good for a one time use

  2. Detects the name, but doesn't pull up Cortana. Checking for updates window just sits there. I can't find out how to uninstall it either. This program is a lame duck. /:

  3. I have a problem. When I open up settings it is blank. There was never any "Hey Start Listening" or "Hey Stop Listening". I tried adding it in as a name but because of the update there can only be 2 names. I just tried adding in names but all the videos like this one have Hey Start Listening and Hey Stop Listening already there. Help is appreciated. Thankyou.

  4. OS: Win 10 Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.192)

    Doesn't work. Cortana doesn't wake up despite detecting the custom word.
    Words I tried:

    Hey Cat
    Hey Bitch

  5. The software just displays "open cortana's settings and enable keyboard shortcut" in red. I have enabled it and it still says it, i click settings or close it and the program crashes. windows 10, any ideas?

  6. work very well on my pc. I renamed it to "Emily" but sometimes it start to listening with other words like table or so 🙁

    and can you make a "start minimized to systray" ??

    I give you 10 of 10 points with a ton of extra stars and candy ty ty ty so much

  7. it seems to fail to run a prompt, it does however get my commands right. It just does nothing other then it knowing I used a command.

    Windows 10 Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.296)
    my settings are all fine, my system files are all checked and updated.

  8. Again, after your today's latest update, I downloaded and tried MyCortana on my pc. Always a .net framework error.

    If you find 2 minutes to answer, I will appreciate and save time. Does MyCortana only work on Windows 10 English? If no, where is the problem I experience since the first time?

    I am now on insider preview 16176 italian Language. Even on past previews I always got this .net framework error and nothing worked. I will roll back to 15063 or older if you tell me that it is compatible with other languages. Not a complicated question, I presume. Thanks

  9. Does it work on a windows 10 with a language other than English? I tried using it, but it gives me a lot of error messages (net framework). Does it work on insiders builds?

  10. I really wanted to use this, as it's the only program I've found that "renames" Cortana, but the default inclusions "Hey start listening" and "hey stop listening" are constantly being picked up whenever I watch TV and I can't remove them.

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