How to setup 10GB Ethernet easily and cheaply on unRAID Linux, Windows and OSX or hackintosh

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This video is about how to setup 10 GbE network cards on unRAID Linux, Windows and OSX or Hackintosh. You will see a brief history of both gigabit and 10-gigabit ethernet and the two different types of 10gbe that are common today (SFP+ being the most common)
We will look at which hardware to buy that is cheap and which hardware is best to use for each operating system.
Of course, we do a few speed tests to see how fast 10 GbE is compared to regular gigabit ethernet.

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22 thoughts on “How to setup 10GB Ethernet easily and cheaply on unRAID Linux, Windows and OSX or hackintosh

  1. Another Great Video Mr. Spaceinvader! Im going to try this with an iMAC ThunderBolt 3 to 10gbe adaptor currently (250 bucks) and a mallox card in the unraid server… Ill report back if it works or not.

  2. Hi Ed I set up the 10gb ok but when I map a drive in windows to unraid 10gb address it asks for network credentials for the 10g address, I only have a password for 1g address. any ideas?

  3. Its cool but i have 4 windows systems in a room with a unraid attached along with a Boss computer 30 meter apart. All of them are connected through a gigabit switch with cat 6 cable.
    As with you said cat 6 can transfer better bandwidth of 10gbe, can you explain how exactly that works? so that i can upgrade my system easily.

  4. Space, you're unraid videos are the best! I had done a 10gb home network some time ago, but decided to shut it down because the 10gb switch ate so much power to run. I tried various online tutorials on how to do peer to peer 10gb, but they were over complicated and never got it going. now I have peer 2 peer between my unraid server and my torrent PC at 10gb, and it was super simple to do. Thank you so much buddy. Keep up the great videos!

  5. This is a great Tutorial. Now that I have more bandwidth I would like to see a video for UnRAID Kodi Headless Docker Setup. There is no videos or good guides out there. Thanks for your work.

  6. Ramdisk video please. I set this up on my 2 servers at home this summer. I am running Beyond Compare from a VM and using the 10GbE to backup my primary rootshare to the second server using Br1. Works great but i am limited to the write speed of my drives. it is nice, In windows 7 at least, the internal speed from Unraid to the Win7 VM is 10GbE right out of the gate. Excellent Video as always.

  7. Another great video! Thank you! Yes, please create a how-to create a RAM disk video. My Amiga came with a RAM disk built into the operating system and it was awesome!

  8. You should add affiliate links to products you cover, I buy stuff you recommend and if you had an affiliate link, you'd get money to support your channel.

  9. Excellent video, made me subscribe to your channel! Im also a avid hackintosh user and this video was very educational as Im looking in to setting up 10gb network for our small video editing studio in Armenia all running macOS. Can you do a video on how set up a 10gb network switch/router to have a few machines access a NAS server that is 10Gb copper. Its so confusing on what to use and what works on hacintoshes and what doesn’t. Thanks mate! Looking forward to your next upload.

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