How To: Sync Music to iPhone or iPod Using Ubuntu (12.04/13.04)

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A trick to getting music on your iPhone while using Ubuntu.

Step 1) Download ‘Free MP3 Downloader’ in App Store.
Step 2) Connect iPhone/iPod to Ubuntu computer.
Step 3) Copy files to location shown in the video.
Step 4) Open downloaded app to play the music you copied.

19 thoughts on “How To: Sync Music to iPhone or iPod Using Ubuntu (12.04/13.04)

  1. Hi!
    Could you tell me please where can I find this Free MP3 App on app store?
    I downloaded it 3 mounts ago and I still have it on my phone.
    But my friend has seen it on my phone and he wants the same thing but he can't find it to download to his phone.
    I tried to find it but I couldn't. We can not find this app in the app store any more : /
    What's happened to that? : / :@

  2. I have a question.. I try to access my files in my documents, and it keeps saying "I-phone is locked. Please unlock and try again" and i have no passcode and i push trust computer but it just keeps disconnecting and i have to push trust computer over and over again… But i never get to access my files (access denied) please help…

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