How To Update Your Bios – Windows 10 (Every Computer) 2016!

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What’s up guys. Today I am going to teach you how you can update your bios of any computer, it doesn’t matter it’s the same process. Be sure to follow the steps correctly in order to not get any problem whatsoever.

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48 thoughts on “How To Update Your Bios – Windows 10 (Every Computer) 2016!

  1. if you've custom built your pc, you have to look up your specific motherboard on the company site that made your motherboard, then download the latest bios from there

  2. There is no option for Windows 10 pro 64-bit on Lenovo it only shows Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. Is it okay to download the windows 8.1? 'cause there is no windows 10 option for BIOS?

  3. I have tried to update the BIOS but when me laptop shut down it didn't work again I don't know why !!!!
    I can hear that my laptop is working but nothing appears in the screen.
    What should I do ????

  4. hello, are you still reading comments? if so can you please help me. I have a gateway FX6801-09h computer. I think I've found the bios update on the gateway website but it only has a windows vista version of the bios update and im running windows 7. is there a way to still update my cpu or should i just buy a new one. i got the I7 920 2.67ghz

  5. Have been having problems (numerous) with the laptop i bought just under 2 years ago. After contacting ASUS support, they suggested I update the BIOS without any instruction on HOW. Thankfully, finding this video and following the steps seems to have solved most of the issues. VERY Grateful for your help!

  6. Hello FBMZ, thank you for the video. I did what you said in the video, i put down the driver on my usb device, when i go into the ez flash 3, i can't find the file, and when i try to update thru internet, it says im offline.

    What can i do ??

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