iMac G4 PowerPC Nvidia Linux Fix

Install your SDR from drivers to basic operation tutorial series:

On the Yaboot prompt type : Linux video=offb:off nouveau.modeset=0 single.
After that the screen freezes or turns to black but TTY will remain active.
Wait for a minute or so for the computer to boot.
Type in the dark : modprobe nvidiafb mode_option=1280×1024-32 and the…

12 thoughts on “iMac G4 PowerPC Nvidia Linux Fix

  1. New guy here. I was watching your shack video from 2012 and I noticed you had a kamtronics TNC and a radion shack 2006 scanner. I had owned such equipment around 1988. It brought back lots of memories LOL KD6CFE was here 73`s

  2. Hi man,thank you about this video
    I need some help,; i do this procedure ;linux video=offb:off ………
    After this comand the screen is frezze for lot of time
    I wrotethe second comand ;modprobe….,but he didn t accept this.
    What fan i do?

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