Installing Linux Mint Debian Edition

In this video I will show you how to install Linux Mint Debian Edition on your computer. Like and subscribe for more Computer Tips. Please visit my website at

5 thoughts on “Installing Linux Mint Debian Edition

  1. Yes it will. Just click the partition you want to install on and click edit partitions. Make sure you change the mount point to . Linux uses a ext4 file system. Unfortunately windows can't read that yet so you will not be able to see your linux data in windows. Select ext4 under format as, click ok then click forward.

    If you have any more problems don't hesitate to reply.

  2. When it asks for the drive you want to install, if I click on the hard drive (the only drive it comes up with) will it come up with a partition that I created in windows, and then can I select it to install it on that partition?

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