KDE Neon Better Choice Than Ubuntu Gnome?

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Ubuntu Unity is no more so I take another casual look at KDE Neon from the eyes of a Windows user and I like what I see. It performed mostly smoothly even in a live mode virtual environment. Overall, very nice. Check it out https://neon.kde.org/ Support TOTAL OS TODAY by shopping some affiliate links –

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12 thoughts on “KDE Neon Better Choice Than Ubuntu Gnome?

  1. I used Ubuntu for several years and was gutted when they dropped Unity. I tried Ubuntu Gnome but it has a twitchy feel and even with the 17.10 and the purpose made Gnome U.I. It is prone to crashing occasionally. I tried to add Plasma to Ubuntu 16.04 and it ruined the installation.
    So I formated the partition and loaded KDE Neon. Neon is beautiful. Not just to look at. It is really smooth and virtually everything works well. With two exceptions. Discovery, the software center. Which hangs persistently. When installing new software. LibreOffice 5.4.3, Clam AV if you need it or any other software. Use the Command Line Interface and Ask Ubuntu because you get newer versions and they install just like they would in Ubuntu.
    I chose the cascading menu in the app manager initially and put some widgets on the task bar but I have since switched to KDE's version of the Hud and have cleaned all apps from the task bar. Faster and less tiny glitches. The Neon hud is really well set out and has everything you need at a click. Very fast and smooth and looks awesome too.
    Neon rocks… Oh and by the way. Browsers in Neon. Firefox was lagging behind Chrome which is the only other detractor with Neon. The second exception. That being that Chrome works brilliantly in Unity but is a bit crash box in Plasma. However Firefox 57 has changed all of that and is brilliant in Neon. No other browser comes near it for speed and smooth performance.

  2. I am floored by how far KDE has come in just 1 year. After trying Kubuntu 16.04, I was ready to stop using KDE forever. It was just unusable due to all the bugs. But KDE Neon now and even Kubuntu 17.04 have done a complete 180 since then. I might actually use the next Kubuntu LTS if this keeps up.

  3. You should ask Sudo Reboot's opinion on it. 😉 lol I tried it before and it was pretty fast on live, but istalled, it was like any other KDE distro, it was slow. I love my Mate and I'm now yasting a bit of Budgie. Can't say that I like it much. It's fast, pretty, but not very customizable.

  4. I yesterday test drove on live DVD newest KDE Neon and Kubuntu. Neon would not let me install anything. Kubuntu worked fine. I ran Lubuntu for a while several years ago -boring. I would recommend XFCE DE as default DE for Ubuntu. 2d choice Mate, 3rd Gnome, 4th anything but KDE, last KDE.

  5. You should've used the User edition of Neon instead of the Dev version. A beginner wouldn't need those development tools and they probably shouldn't have them in case they play around with them and mess things up. I wouldn't say Neon is good for beginners but KDE Plasma would be easy to use for any person coming from Windows. Neon is a lacking software and is more aimed at people who like to make their own distro. Which is why I like it so much, it does not have the annoying bloatware like Libreoffice, Thunderbird, etc. But a noobie may want those things and won't know how to install them right away. I did put Neon on a family member's PC but I installed every piece of software they would use before giving them back their machine.

  6. I like gnome but Ubuntu Gnome can be very unstable, especially 16.10 and 17.04, they don't even reach the login screen if you have the Nvidia proprietary drivers installed.

    It's a known issue that still hasn't been fixed by the Ubuntu Gnome team.

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