Linux Mint 19 Install – Review

A quick look at this stellar Beta release. Mint is still one of the best Linux based systems for beginners. LINKS –

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18 thoughts on “Linux Mint 19 Install – Review

  1. Looks very similar to the Mate one. Very few cosmetic changes. The theme which was the default in 18 & before, is still there, so if you don't much like the new dark theme, you can very simply change back. Apart from that, the look & feel of the Welcome ap is a little different, but what's in it, is very much the same.
    If you want to test-drive these betas, you may need to google them. There's no pointer or link to them yet on the Mint homepage… You may try this –

  2. Thanks for the great video run through of Mint 19 beta. I believe you are one of the first in depth reviews of it. You were number 6 search result on DuckDuckGo for Linux mint 19 beta review

  3. Thank you for the preview. So far I don't see much that would make me want to trash my Mint 18.3 Sylvia, all the apts I installed and the special tweaks. Others say that Cinnamon is slower than the other desktops, but it seems to be at least as fast as Windows for me. But I have Mint installed on an Intel i7 4 cores 8 threads with 8 GBits of ram. I will keep in mind that you have shown us a Beta Mint Tara and hope for more in the final release. Sylvia is my first Linux love since leaving Windows. It's a little cool to just forget about her and start dating Tara!

  4. Update Manager is seriously worth checking out in 19 Tara, as a lot has changed for the better, now if only the screen was big enough to show the 'Dismiss' button for that message…
    New Noticeable Changes:
    – Kernel Updates are now auto-selected
    – Levels are no longer displayed and have 0 effects by default on what is selected
    – It now bugs you to make System Snapshots when other notifications are dismissed, with no way to dismiss it other than to disable it in settings, or make snapshots
    – more.

  5. thanks tos. i am waiting for the new release of cinnamon on my manjaro it is stil on 3.8.3 but a update wil come soon on manjaro its funny you love the ubuntu mate i love the manjaro cinnamon english bob loves his peppermint and all other wonderfull linux users have there favourite distro this is the power of linux

  6. It's muggy and hot today in NC! Was up all night with my sick dog I mentioned the other night.

    She's feeling much better and we're switching her food tonight. Thank God I was worried bad. Steer clear of Purina and especially Beniful, It tore my dogs stomach up.

  7. Tara may have me return to Linux Mint Cinnamon. Maybe.. That's if Cinnamon becomes quicker. I'm also eyeing Linux Lite. This is just a beta so we cannot expect perfection.

    It will be worth the wait I'm sure. I pick on Tom about running Mint but it's a very fine distro and I'm very proud to have Mint as part of the Linux larger community. Distros like Mint make me smile!

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