Linux Mint 19 ‘Tara’ Overview

Today we will have a look at Linux Mint Cinnamon ‘Tara’.

Grab the beta yourself here:

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23 thoughts on “Linux Mint 19 ‘Tara’ Overview

  1. One beautiful thing I noted when I installed the Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon to my test computer: It runs pretty fast and smooth! This never happened with Mint 18.x Cinnamon.
    Computer specs in short: HP Compaq AMD Athlon, don't know how old, but old. I got it for free as it was going to be scrapped otherwise… But it still runs, sometimes walks, but ok, good for its price.

  2. I think I found the solution to my realtec wifi driver, I went on there support site and it was really helpful, except my kernal was at the latest version and I had to downgrade I only had version 15 as a option maybe because I was in beta version 19. So I'm gonna try again on linux 18 instead of 19. Hope it works, I need kernal 14 not 15 I think, their support site is very helpful! Also I had to stop a thing using command prompt so my usb tethering does not keep deactivating every few seconds. (UPDATE) linux 18.3 has kernals 4.4 and 4.10 too instead of 5.0 only I think im good now

  3. i like it it runs well for a beta version i think its one of the best distros out there so far i prefere mint to ubuntu releases im looking forward to the final release on the website it says it will be at the end of june iv being using linux for a month now after scraping windows mint was what got me going on linux

  4. Nice to check it out in vb but to spin it on metal, I'd wait for a while yet. Since it's code base is 18.04 and using the updated gnome toolkit, there are many programs, apps, themes, whatever that are not ported over yet so don't be surprised if they don't work. Let it bake at least 3 months. Peace

  5. Thanks Tom! YES- Review them all! Mint is such an awesome OS. I have had little to no issues and the only issues I have had were because of ME! LOL!

  6. Linux Mint 19 is looking very promising, specially timeshift restore points etc shows that the developers are making the system even more reliable. Eagerly waiting for the final release next month.

  7. I tried the beta, OK, XFCE version, for me on an old laptop, better. Newest Kernel has issues with Pulse Audio EQ and Pulse effects. Pulse effects install crashed Cinnamon, XFCE came up with flatpack error install. Pulse Audio EQ says installed, but disappears.

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