Linux Terminal 201: ifconfig vs ip – HakTip 154

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Wondering what’s the difference between ifconfig and ip? These two commands are similar but one is much more powerful. Check out this episode to find out why!

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21 thoughts on “Linux Terminal 201: ifconfig vs ip – HakTip 154

  1. How is security enhanced by hiding your mac address when we can extrapolate it from your Dell hardware OEM prefix and your ipv6 link layer address seen in other videos?

  2. Nice explanation of the differences.

    I don't use ifconfig(8) etc any longer, as they are not as powerful as ip(8) command.

    And yes, you can shorten the commands to ip(8).
    ip address list can be shorten to ip a l
    ip route show can be ip r s (and don't forget ip -6 r s)
    So, the different old commands are changed with argument to ip(8).

    And yes, I find these the ones I use the most.
    ip neighbor
    ip link
    ip address
    ip route

  3. Shannon, Thank you so much for all your videos, however, I am new to this field and would ask where would I start. Pretty much most of what you said even though intriging, is greek to me.. Please direct me where to go (be nice) on where I should start for an entry level person. Respectfully, Merrill

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