Linux Tip | Play Music In A Terminal WIth MOC

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A look at a cool program that lets you play music in a bash terminal. Please be sure to give EzeeLinux a ‘Like’ on Facebook! Thanks!
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25 thoughts on “Linux Tip | Play Music In A Terminal WIth MOC

  1. You probably figured this out already, but I just found this today, as I just learned of MOCP yesterday. Then I found your video on this player… The info below is from


    When you go into the directory you should see a file called config.example.gz, drag it to your desktop or where ever you want it and extract it.

    Then you should have a file called config.example, rename it to…


    Now move the config file to the following directory below.


    Then you should be able to edit the appearance and other settings more.

    Now we can finaly change that ugly theme, in this case we are going to make the background transparent.

    Open the config file with any editor and scroll down to line 137, there should be a line that says the following…

    # XTermTheme = transparent-background

  2. I used to use moc every single day on my old desktop a few years back. Used to spend a lot of time reading through the source code as well when I was bored and trying to get familiar with different C programs between writing stuff myself to give me ideas.

  3. So cool. Just what I was looking for. Thank you very much, Joe.

    EDIT: 10 Months later…

    Thanks again. I still use this. xD I used mplayer for quite a while for my music but missed the keyboard shortcuts I set up in i3 for moc, so I went back to it. I still use mplayer for everything else; very versatile! I made a simple enough shell script which I use to load up moc with all my settings. I like having it that way as I can transfer it easily to other setups. It's on my GitHub, under the miscellaneous repository, if you or anyone else is curious:

  4. Hi Joe, I'm from Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. I'm sorry for my english. I'm learning English and Linix and your videos are excellent for it. Thanks so much!

    This program (mocp) is very nice. I use Debian.

  5. The reason you cant keep the theme is you need to unzip the config file in the moc folder and configure it. If you do a search on how to create the config file you will be able to set it up. I made a custom transparent theme that looks very cool. The config file is a zip file that you unzip then configure it as you choose and tell it where the themes are etc. For some reason I cant find the zip file to tell you where it is. Moc is in 3 different places on your hard drive. The config file and the theme files go into the home/moc folder which is hidden. I put the theme files in that folder just to make them easier to get to.

  6. Hi Joe, I sure hope I don't get flagged for this because I've asked several other youtubers the same question.

    Joe, In past two years I've been watching Linux Videos. And I watch them daily. I've seen people talk about how to install the latest Linux Kernel. But I've never seen anyone go in depth on how to make an informed choice for the best kernel for your hardware. I figured you'd be a good guy to ask, because you love running Linux on old hardware.

  7. commodore 64 was my first computer too. do you remember CHUB ? i think thats what it was called.. dont remember what it stood for maybe commodore hub, it was a online hub or web site where you could file share and read content on things.

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