Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Review – Hak5 2009

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has dropped! We’ve got it installed to give you a review of the newest long term support edition of Ubuntu by Canonical. This time on Hak5.
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38 thoughts on “Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Review – Hak5 2009

  1. why do you guys run windows on bare metal? HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLOOO!! your all obvious linux users run that Windows junk OS in a VM. I haven't run Windows on bare metal since windows 7 LMFAO… for the very, very few things you will use windows for, a VM is fine for it. Also you can run a 180 day free subscription and snap shot it once its all updated and then you can run ALL versions of current windows OS's for free, for ever…

  2. I use a ZFS container on my desktop, but I guess it will not be useful for most laptop users. I have Mirrored SSD boot drives for speed, but the ZFS pool holds all my data because it is the BEST thing for RAID like functionality. I have 4 x 2 TB drives in a RAID-Z (roughly equivalent to RAID-5) and it does copy on write and makes a checksum for every write for even better reliability. It is super.
    I have been using ZFS on my BSD servers for years. I was able to get it working on my older Linux system, but it is so easy to setup with the new version of Linux that I think everyone should use it.

  3. Hi there @Hak5!! know.. I too had the almost same problems ..only thing is when I bought my lappy last yr.. I had Win8 pre-installed…which I erased & installed after Ub16..UEFI has its impact..had few tech problems..

  4. what do you think of the security implication of snaps? for example now it is in the hands of each app programmer to ship updated libraries with security fixes instead of the centralized debian style update or , do i misunderstand…

  5. Thank you for a detailed explanation of all the new updates ! It is nice they let you move the dock bar now – but that's a lot of steps for something that should be a 1 button click or drag-n-drop! But it works great! 🙂 Good video.

  6. So canonical is not the #1 choice for Linux servers, they are a very distant second on the desktop front (to Windows) and not that far ahead of Fedora and OpenSuse and stuff, and now they want to go after phones? Talk about overreaching, try to do one thing right before you move onto the next. Fix your shitty desktop Canonical

  7. Weird that Shannon has those issues with dual booting. I managed to install Ubuntu 15.10 onto my EFI system, along side Windows 8.1. No problems at all. All I do is upon bootup (EFI Enabled, not legacy) I press F12 and select my HDD instead of Windows Boot Manager.

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