Locked out of Windows 10? Here’s How to Reset Your Windows Password [UPDATED VIDEO]

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UPDATE 5/16/2018 – I am almost finished coding up a small utility to do all of this automatically. Watch the teaser video HERE: https://youtu.be/LCFIzyIJ1Wc

Downloads & Written Instructions: http://pages.rmtechcentral.com/locked-out-of-windows10.html
Create Windows 10 Installation Media: http://rmtechcentral.com/create-windows10-bootdisk
Contact: http://rmtechcentral.com/contact
Support My Channel: https://www.patreon.com/rmayer0428

This is an updated and enhanced version of my original…

27 thoughts on “Locked out of Windows 10? Here’s How to Reset Your Windows Password [UPDATED VIDEO]

  1. Awesome Tutorial man. I am a PC Tech for a local Computer IT company and this shortcut is a life saver for elderly folks who never remember their passwords or how to use the recovery with their Microsoft account. Saves my time and theirs because I don't half to walk them through a tone of steps they dont understand. Thanks!

  2. Okay. I am going to put my cards on the table.  I do not know where the original Windows 10 disk are,  and I have 4 different Utilman.exe files and 4 Utilman.exe.mui files. I desperately need help. i have been locked out of Administer for almost a year. I really need my computer back.

  3. I think our computers are different, bc it's not working for me. I don't have a CD drive nor is my command prompt the same as urs. I had just resetted my computer, to wipe everything so it can update, but when I logged off it, I forgot the password and I didn't get the time to set up a Microsoft account. I just don't understand this.

  4. 1000x thank you! Win10 spontaneously decided to no longer allow us to log onto the wife's computer. None of the fixes found on M$ worked. Excellent explanation that was perfectly timed to fix the problem while listening. Great job.

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