Make Windows 7 Transparent – Completely see through

Please like the video if you like the sweet look πŸ™‚

The location of the themes folder is C:WindowsResourcesThemes

If your PC isn’t patched for 3rd party themes, watch this video:

Download link for files- had to re-upload so everything is a mess
Black Glass-…

48 thoughts on “Make Windows 7 Transparent – Completely see through

  1. Nice Work Bruh.

    Here Is The Way To Run Your transparency With Full class every Time. No Need to run it everytime you turn on your pc.

    Just Copy That 'Full Class' File Then Go to 'Start Menu' Na Open 'All Programs' After That You will see 'StartUp' Folder, Open It And Paste Your 'Full Glass' File.

    DONE. So Everytime you turn on your pc you will run with full glass transparency.

  2. its not working dude…because after downloading the things u mention in link…and after extracting file i m not getting those files which u r pasting in themes path….and your given third link is not working dude…

  3. Google chrome is blocking the download file because of malware. I like the theme though.Can't seem to find a safe site. Had in on my computer a few years back, Do remember having to remove malware when I was done.

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  5. Hi, how are you. I'm trying to make my own themes but need help. I have something cool in mind but I don't know how to execute it. I don't have Facebook that's why I didn't Facebook you. Would love your help. Thanks for taking time to read. Β Β 

  6. there is no download option in drevient web site to that theme only can you give that theme through your mediafire account just like you did to all wenesday wallpapersΒ 

  7. I did everything correctly, it works fine.

    But whoever developed these themes didn't make them look good. My "All Programs" button in the start menu is blue and some other text is green. It just looks ugly.

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