Microsoft Build 2018: Windows 10 Your Phone, Sets, Timeline iOS, Android

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Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore shows new features coming to Windows 10 at Build 2018, including Your Phone app, Timeline for iOS with Microsoft Edge and Timeline for Android with Microsoft Launcher, and upcoming changes for Windows 10 Sets.

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18 thoughts on “Microsoft Build 2018: Windows 10 Your Phone, Sets, Timeline iOS, Android

  1. Joe Belfiore will never live down the "it's a phone, not a PC" speech he gave during the Windows Phone launch event. I haven't been able to take this man seriously since then…

  2. Mais forte porque você não fala Windows e pega todos os tipos de jogos aí para o PC todos os jogos jogos antigos jogos agora tá aonde que pega todos os jogos os jogos e os novos bárbaros aí que esses tempo que está fazendo com esse seu Windows que está fazendo o Windows super bacana mas não pega nenhum jogo por que fala jogo de do Windows meu

  3. It would be nicer if Sets have integration to Task View, where user can drag and drop the thumbnail of apps into each other to be combined in Sets. This is less clunky way to easily and quickly combine two groups of Sets window into one, instead of dragging one tab at a time to another window. I believe this will enhance the workflow of Sets.

    I also think of a new feature for the tabs of Sets. Multiple select of tabs by using Ctrl+Tab+Clicking Tabs (or Ctrl+Tab+Arrow Keys) to select tabs you want, and wen selected, you can perform actions on selected tab such as dragging them out of the window and all those selected tabs will make a new Sets window on its own. Other are basics for tabs selected are: closing selected tabs, duplicate, pin, mute, refresh (if its a web page), and favorite/bookmark. It would be really a nice addition to have multi-select function for tabs.

  4. Like to next Build have a funcional your phone app because the app just do you click AND it go to settings or tips app dont do anything in build 17661 but this video show when Update come i use very frecuent this app

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