Microsoft Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu Linux

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26 thoughts on “Microsoft Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu Linux

  1. quick question and first off thanks for the upload, now for my question.

    i have a VS2013 C# A.I program for Windows but im thinking of running that program in a Rasberry pie mini pc or mcu, is this tutorial going to help me run my windows VS2013 program in Rasberry pie? btw my CS program was made using form1

  2. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that Microsoft made Visual Studio for Linux. I mean, who is going to use it? Most people use alternatives. I've used Visual Studio myself and I hate it! I hate the way it works. It seems too bloated and not very efficient.

  3. Hello, I'm french and I really enjoy your videos, they are very helpful for me ! The advantages are you explain, and articulate well ;-).
    But could you make a video tutorial, when you explain how to create an online database (not with just a local access on one computer), and how to connect it with a C# .net program ? To finish, will the MySQL's commands be compatible with C# .net, and does an online and free DB exist ?
    That's would be very kind of you ! 🙂

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