Moon Deity Tattoo Commission Speedpaint Adobe Photoshop

Here’s a speedpaint video when I was working on a tattoo commission, she gave me free reign and I had so much fun with this design! I am recording a few new videos currently, and don’t worry, I will be talking/have voiceovers more often 😀
I used Adobe Photoshop CS6, with the basic hard round brush
and my Wacom Intuos 3, it took me about two hours

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38 thoughts on “Moon Deity Tattoo Commission Speedpaint Adobe Photoshop

  1. Where do you get your tattoo ideas (like, for tattoos on characters)? I really like the idea of tattoos on some of my characters but I have troubles decided what to choose for each character and I don’t want them to all be the same. Do you use a certain website or something for inspiration?

  2. Hi! I just wanted to ask, how is your lineart so smooth??????? I've been struggling with lineart 🙁 By the way, yay we have the same tablet and I'm also using Photoshop, I tried Krita but it's hard to break away from the PS shortcuts :))

  3. Jackie, this is so lovely!! I adore watching you work. Thank you for taking the time to make these :] I've been starting to record some process stuff, but I am having a hard time using OBS to record digital work. Is that what you use?

  4. It's so awesome! Both your style and the fact that someone will have it on their body!
    Does those tattoo designs require special technique to paint with (like lines, different shading etc.)?

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