MS Office 2007 bug

Open source products are more reliable than commercia software. This bug belongs to Ms Office 2007 only (earlier versions do not have it)

6 thoughts on “MS Office 2007 bug

  1. Hahaha, I noticed this in the Beta simply because I was testing the results of an embedded system by passing the values into a text file and doing the math in Excel, I noticed a sudden jump in the figures at numbers close to powers of 2, e.g. 131072. Office 2003 and earlier is fine. And there I was thinking it would be fixed in the release… Mind you they didn't fix the Outlook Notes bug either…

  2. Hmmm my version of MS office 2007 Ultimate says #VALUE!, so Microsoft must know and have made a patch to fix it (I have updated it since getting it, which is a good idea to do with all software)

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