OneDrive – Sync multiple OneDrive accounts

How to sync content of multiple OneDrive accounts to your WIndows 10 desktop.

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15 thoughts on “OneDrive – Sync multiple OneDrive accounts

  1. I just want to clarify, I have a main account that I use (5GB) and was given an extra account for my studies that has A LOT more storage (1TB). Can I share the study account with my main account without compromising the storage space in my main account? I need to keep the 5GB account as my main account so swapping accounts is not an option.

  2. Maybe they've updated Onedrive since this video posted but I have 2 Onedrive accounts on my computer. I can access both through One-drive and File Explorer. I didn't watch the full video but from the comments it sounds like this is like the other solutions people post where they tell you to share one within another. I prefer to keep mine separate.

  3. Kiitos! Nice video. I just tried to do this in the same way BUT my primary OneDrive is linked to a Gmail address. Does this allow the same way of linking content like you show at 4:59?

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