Photoshop tutorial: Hand-painting an image with a Wacom Cintiq |

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This tutorial is all about hand-painting a majestic image of a lion with Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to resample an image to make sure you’re working with the highest-resolution file possible, use the Brush tool to draw an outline of the image, paint in highlights, add colorful detail, and make an entirely new work of art from an existing photograph. Watch the follow-up movies in Deke’s Techniques at

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35 thoughts on “Photoshop tutorial: Hand-painting an image with a Wacom Cintiq |

  1. Hi folks.
    Hope you don't mind me posting here. Wacom related of course.
    I've created a range of cool creature inspired 3d Printed Wacom Pen Holders.
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  2. Can someone please tell me why the paint function leaves a white outline and how do I get rid of it, so that my color blends with the outline completely?:)

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