Photoshop Tutorial – How To Remove Ruler Guides [60 Seconds]

A to-the-point Adobe Photoshop tutorial on how to remove ruler guides (or grid lines) from an image.

35 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial – How To Remove Ruler Guides [60 Seconds]

  1. I am trying to remove guides using this method – which I have used many times before without trouble – but today it is playing up. I have several guides all over my image, but I have zoomed right in to a lower part of the image, and I am clicking on a guide in that part of the image to move it or remove it. As I drag the mouse pointer, it looks like the guide is coming with it, but when I release the mouse button, the guide is still where it was, and a different guide – one from way up the top of the image, not even close to being in view when I'm doing the clicking and dragging – has been moved or removed, instead of the one that I was actually clicking on. Has anyone had this happen to them? If so, do you know how to stop it from happening? It is very frustrating!

    Edit: Yes, I did try turning the computer off and on again. 🙂

  2. is there a way to move multiple lines? cs6. not to delete the lines but to have the same ammount of pixels somewhere els, so u dont have to relook the ammount again to the right of the picture for example? thnx allot

  3. thanks man. you are fucking awesome. saved my ass. i tried my rubber on the computer screen, but now it's scratched. so thanks for helping a brother out.

  4. You need to double click in the top left corner of the rulers (where the horizontal and vertical rulers meet). Things will be set back to normal again. If you want to set a new 0 point, you click and drag from this point.

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