Playing Sonic Mania in Linux via Wine (Ubuntu MATE 17.04)

Sonic Mania running in wine-staging. The game runs at 60fps when I’m not recording. The reason for the frame drops is I’m recording and playing this on a refurbished Thinkpad T510i from 2011 with Intel Ironlake graphics. There aren’t any frame drops when I’m not recording.

Sonic Mania has Denuvo DRM, but it works in Linux flawlessly via Wine (as long as you’re online, hopefully Sega reverses the always-online DRM descision)

Watch me restart this level again and again trying to beat it, but…

7 thoughts on “Playing Sonic Mania in Linux via Wine (Ubuntu MATE 17.04)

  1. Heh, a fellow Wine user.
    I must say I also use to play under Windows10 but still, have you gotten gamepad support to work for your Steam prefix when playing Sonic Mania?
    XBOX360 controllers seem not to be detected by the game even though the xinput libraries were added, I managed to get around that issue with antimicro though which handles keyevent mapping.

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