Printing and Print Preparation with Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll cover the basics of ICC profiles as well as preparing your image for print at a printing press or to your own printer in Photoshop.

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28 thoughts on “Printing and Print Preparation with Adobe Photoshop

  1. I like the detailed way in which you explained the process; however, it was a little too fast for me, and wasn't always clear. I didn't clearly understand how to determine whether to upsample or downsample. I do understand the necessity of gaining a multiple of 2880 DPI – because your printer can print that high; however, I didn't understand your comment about "zooming in" and seeing from the zoom that you have to upsample. What does the "zoom" have to do with it? I don't get it. Do let me know as this is an important.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial.Sorry want to ask this image size calculation was clear in tutorial for the this specific example but want to understand to use it properly have some documents or some resources(url) in detail we could understand it better.(My intention more or less print in print shops…) Thanks

  3. Hi Michael, when I convert the profile to suit the Hahnemuhle paper I'm planning on using, it changes the document to RGB. Do you know why this might be happening and if this matters at all?

    When I select View/Proof Colours there is no change in the image colour, so does this mean it doesn't matter? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi. A question about printing on Epson P800 from Imac late '12 and calibrated with Xrite i1pro. I do have the same Luster paper from Epson and some other manufacts too. My issue and question about printig.. If I do print on some Matt paper the colors are pritty similar or exactly same vibrant or saturated, but if I print on glossy paper than my colors are close to allways desaturated about 10 percent. Any idea why could that be? If I print on these glossy papers than I need to give extra saturation of +10 on PS. I check all these ICC profiles and everything.

  5. Great tutorial as usual Michael.
    Only one complaint (my pet peeve) interchangeable use of PPI and DPI, using DPI when talking about pixels can be confusing to some people.
    I would love to see more of the Capture One tutorials.

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