Remove Any Virus or Malware | Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

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How to remove the vast majority of malware and viruses from a windows PC computer.
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48 thoughts on “Remove Any Virus or Malware | Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

  1. So when I download any sort of anti virus program online and try running it, my computer will say "The requested resource is in use." I know that is the virus talking. What can I do to fix this ?

  2. Umm I have a hp 350 g1 and it has a virus I believe. when I try to turn it on normally it gives me a blue screen and when I go to repair mode it gives me a blank screen what should I do?

  3. You lost me when you recommended software by Kasperski Labs; a company that has already been exposed as being of Russian Intelligence origins. Bad enough to have a President with ties to Russian Intelligence.

  4. Thanks very much for this video but Malwarebytes found 3 PUPs which I am trying to quarantine but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Two are saying they are Registry Key and the other is Registry Value. Can you advise please?

  5. Thank you so much for the help. I removed my AVG due to it expiring and tried downloading another antivirus and that's when all my problems started. Couldn't open any antivirus to run a a scan, plus pop ups by the 100's were popping up even if Chrome was closed. But I followed your instructions and my computer is running better than ever now. Great job and great video.

  6. Well good job, but mine didn't work like this tried the first thing rskill to stop all the malware and viruses, unfortunately the malware or Virus is still running opening the cmd file all the time like crazy, in all off this the easiest way is to just install new Windows and no problems 😀 but tnx anyways…

  7. QUESTION your solution seems to have worked its not blocking me from installing programs any more but one thing that was happening was, i was trying to factory reset by clicking "get started" under "reset this PC" and the mouse had a little loading bar for a second but did nothing. my QUESTION is why is it still doing this after your methods were used on my pc? i assume the virus changed a setting to were i cant reset , how to i fix that ?

  8. A lot of people get on YouTube with hopes of sponsors picking them up….you give an great service to many people…a little editing and hp is gonna come knocking…thanks

  9. Thanks. I’ve learned a lot from this video. I’ll be doing all of this now. My computer was infected recently and I couldn’t do anything at first. It slowed down everything. It took like forever just opening a folder. Tried to end them thru the Task Manager and they just won’t quit. It was horrible. Luckily I have Revo Uninstaller so I started uninstalling them one at a time and that rid most of them. Then I have to install Malwarebytes to clean my desktop. Now I can be happy knowing that all your advice will help me a lot in making sure my computer stays clean all the time. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work. 😃

  10. I gotta be completely honest. In years of surfing in the internet I still haven't found a video as helpful as yours, thanks slot and a big GOOD JOB on that video

  11. Outstanding! I have a Surface Studio running Windows 10 and was having a problem with "Win32/Powessere.H". Multiple scans with a totally up-to-date version of Windows Defender was ineffective, but following the instructions in this video cured the problem. Hallelujah! FYI, Malwarebytes found and eliminated 11 files; rkill found and discarded one file; the remaining three programs found no problems.

    Thank you, sir!!

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