Remove Logon Screen Windows 7 [Step by Step Guide][How to]

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How to remove the logon screen on boot from Windows 7 To gain quicker access to your desktop and files.

35 thoughts on “Remove Logon Screen Windows 7 [Step by Step Guide][How to]

  1. For some reasons, this doesn't seem to work for me.
    It still leave me to the ''logon screen'', about 1/2 of the time (not always, for unknown reasons) ?

    Not too long ago I had made a backup of my Registry, then recently had a problem with said Registry and had it be fixed at a computer repair place… Then I 'imported' the backup I had made.
    Could this have confused the computer in thinking there might be multiple Users or something like that ?

  2. I just knew this wouldn't work for me. I didn't get that 'run dial up' and I don't use passwords for my pc. I guess I have to find another video with different instructions to get rid of that annoying welcome screen. Thanks anyway

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