Sneekylinux Live Stream….Education in and around Linux..

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Let’s talk about education and the part Linux has to play….

9 thoughts on “Sneekylinux Live Stream….Education in and around Linux..

  1. I have a son. Seriously can't wait to get him his own box and put something on it. I've sold my fast laptop, now running xubuntu on an older i3 desktop machine for the family. So great!

  2. Hello Sneeky ! For education I would recommend Handy Linux by far. It is now called DFLinux (DF for Debian Facile = Easy Debian).
    For your students I would certainly show them how to use maths in linux:
    For video recorders other than those mentioned during your live stream: ScreenStudio, Byzans-record, Wink, Green Recorder, Krut, glc, Gamecaster, Tibesti Screencaster, xvidcap
    You don't need the full libreofficesuite: Writer, Calc and either Impress or Draw are enough.
    For databases I would show how to use MySQL or SQLite.
    For your HTML have a look at codecademy and W3Schools.
    And you might introduce them to the network concepts with Packet Tracer.
    Other ideas are: Scratch, Alice, Hackety Hack.
    Best regards,

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