Successful Intel IGD GPU Passthru(primary) + QEMU/KVM + Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit Virtualization

Intel IGD Passthru + QEMU/KVM + Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit, on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit.

Previous and initial success with Android-x86 Lollipop demo :

Windows 10 LTSB 64-bit demo :

{ ~ ~ ~ ~ History ~ ~ ~ ~ }

After a myriad of experiments since late 2013, on my laptop, to make primary Intel IGD GPU Passthru to fully work with QEMU/KVM running hardware-accelerated Android-x86,…

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  1. UPDATE : Here is my most recent successful and more complete Android Sensor Emulation update by me.

    Watch it in action :

    **== Android Sensor Emulation, fully UNLEASHED! ==**

    – Fueled by GoogleNexus5
    – Powered by Intel IGD
    – Run on QEMU/KVM

    **== Android Sensor Emulation, fully UNLEASHED!! ==**

    – Turn your Android Smartphone into a JOYSTICK!

    – Play. Every. Single. Motion-sensor game. On. Any. Sensor-less Android
    – Run. Every. Single. sensor-based application. On. Any. Sensor-less
    Android device.

    – Let your games and other applications be "unique selves". No need to
    alter your "favorite" game or "useful" other sensor-based application
    to make use of my Android Sensor Emulation support.

    **== DETAILS ==**

    My current work as shown by this demo emulates the below 27 sensors(all the sensors of Google Nexus 5). Watch the video for more and precise details.

    1. Accelerometer
    2. Light
    3. Proximity
    4. Magnetometer
    5. Gyroscope
    6. Gravity
    7. Linear Acceleration
    8. Orientation
    9. Rotation Vector

    10. Game Rotation Vector
    11. Barometer
    12. Step Detector
    13. Step Counter
    14. Significant Motion Detector
    15. Tilt Detector
    16. Absolute Motion Detector(AMD)
    17. Relative Motion Detector(RMD)
    18. Basic Gestures

    19. Tap Detector
    20. Facing Detector
    21. (QTI) Tilt Detector
    22. Pedometer
    23. Pedestrian Activity Monitor
    24. Geomagnetic Rotation Vector
    25. (InvenSense) Game Rotation Vector
    26. Magnetometer (Uncalibrated)
    27. Gyroscope (Uncalibrated)



  2. Wow

    CHEERS man well done, u re awesome, i'm traying a personal proyect prxmox-4.1+workstation (xfce4.12)+passthru vga (one monitor) to guess Virtual maquine(Windows-10) (QUEMU) 1 year ago but no results yet, u are my inspiration, now, i know i can do this…. again congratulations u a re a genius…..

    cheers from Venezuela…

    Go a head..

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