Sync MTP / iPod Device – Banshee – Linux Mint 7

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If ur ipod doesnt work here is the reason why

note: i got an old ass ipod video 5G,
i doubt it works on iphone/touch so dont bother PMing me, since im not rich enough to get one

11 thoughts on “Sync MTP / iPod Device – Banshee – Linux Mint 7

  1. Sonsha? I think you'll find it's Sansa. I'm not anti-American or anything, but I've been hearing a LOT of American mispronunciations lately. Mirror becomes "meer", Nissan becomes "Neeson", Gran Turismo becomes "Gran Tureesmo", Puma becomes "Pooma", Buddha becomes "Boooda"(yes with three o's) etc. etc.

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